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To oxford comma or to not oxford comma?


You like to write, not edit. So let us do the editing for you. Our team will meticulously read through your book to catch all those typos, missing commas, and even the occasional incomplete sentence (it happens to the best of us...).


And to be clear we edit for grammar, not content. Our goal is to make your book as readable as possible by eliminating grammatical confusion. We won't change what you wrote.


The cost is $.05 per word. Please enter the number of words in your manuscript under "quantity" and add it to your cart.


P.S. -- We like the oxford comma.


  • While we try to handcraft your book as quickly as possible, we believe in creating quality over creating quickness. There are a lot of variables that go into the delivery time, but we typically aim for around 90 days.. If you choose editing, please allow for an additional 30 days.

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